You've been awarded a grant from The London Community Foundation. So what next?

We're here to support you through your project or funding. Use the links to navigate the support and resources on offer.

Useful resources

We have a range of helpful tools and links relating to running an organisation and monitoring and measuring your impact for example.Have a look at our resources page for lots of support and guidance on how to run your organisation and project successfully.

Monitoring and Reporting

When we make a grant it is because we are genuinely interested in your organisation and so we like to hear how things are going. While it is good to hear about what has gone well, it is equally as important that you tell us about things that have not worked out or if plans have changed as we can learn from these experiences.

You can find out all the information you need to report on how your project is going and help notes about how to fill in the relevant forms.

There are also helpful notes on monitoring and measuring impact via our resources page.

Terms and conditions

You can review our standard conditions of grant here. Any conditions specific to your grant will be detailed in your offer letter. Do get in touch if anything is not clear.

Keep in touch

We love to hear from our grantees with photos and videos of your work and quotes from beneficiaries. Outside of your monitoring, feel free to email these to us whenever you like at

Similarly, if you've got case studies or stories you'd like to share, please send them in and we'd be happy to profile you on social media or in our newsletter.

Last but not least, we're always on the lookout for guest editors to our blog. If you'd like to contribute a piece on an issue that's important to you, just drop us a line. Thank you!


We are always pleased to learn more about what we do well and not so well and where there is room for improvement. Please do contact us with comments and suggestions via or call 0207 582 5117.


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