Our impact

Since we started out, LCF has committed over £100 million in grants! It’s thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the tireless work of the grassroots organisations we fund that we’ve been able to reach hundreds of thousands of Londoners with this funding.

Take a look at some of our achievements from our latest annual report to learn more about our work.

A year at The London Community Foundation (2020/21)

April 2021

£1m is raised and 100 grants awarded in first 3 weeks for our COVID-19 response. Our partner Grosvenor cornerstones our Coronavirus Appeal with a £250k donation. As part of the London Community Response Wave 1 we are rapidly providing £5k grants for emergency food provision and we launch Wave 2 to fund communities’ immediate needs.

May 2020

Our partner Deutsche Bank awards £120k to 4 community organisations addressing the root causes of homelessness through their Deutsche Bank Opportunity Fund.

June 2020

LCF marks £4m committed in funds, thanks to the generosity of our donors, to support community organisations through the crisis. The UK reaches 100 days since first lockdown. Our partner Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund, with support from Martin Moshal, awards 4 schools over £731k to tackle school exclusions through a new ground-breaking pilot Excluded Initiative.

July 2020

£5m is raised for our COVID-19 response, thanks to the generosity of our donors, to support community organisations through the crisis. As part of the London Community Response, we begin Wave 3 of our COVID-19 response with a focus on supporting community organisations’ running costs as lockdown continues. Our partner SEGRO awards £194,030 to 6 community organisations supporting people’s employability skills through their SEGRO Centenary Fund.


August 2020

We begin a new strategic partnership with the Muslim Charities Forum aimed at hearing, recognising, and addressing the needs of Muslim-led charities accessing funding. Our partner Morgan Stanley commits £300k to support BAME-led community organisations through the COVID-19 crisis.

September 2020

Our partner Peabody launches a new Young People’s Fund, a youth-led initiative to help community organisations tackle violence affecting young people. We publish findings from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund Save London Lives Initiative that supports community groups tackling violence affecting young people. 61% of grantees secured additional funding as result of being part of the initiative.

October 2020

Our partner 3i Group donates £200k to support our COVID-19 response with a particular focus on supporting mental health, disabled people, BME communities and domestic violence.

November 2020

We begin Wave 4 of our COVID-19 response prioritising support for organisations led by and for marginalised communities and smaller organisations with a turnover up to £1m. Our partner JPMorgan Chase commits £2m to a new fund to support BME-led community organisations and infrastructure partners working in employability, enterprise, and financial health.

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December 2020

£10m raised and 1,000 grants awarded as part of our COVID-19 response. We welcome 4 new Trustees to our Board, building our commitment to increase representation of London’s diverse communities. LCF distributes the Government’s Big Night In funds via our partnership with UKCF and National Emergencies Trust (NET). The Muslim Charities Forum launches its partnership report at London Funders’ Festival of Learning.

January 2021

We begin Wave 5 of our COVID-19 response focusing on supporting community organisations to continue to provide food and to support their organisational resilience.

February 2021

We sign the #FlexibleFunders pledge led by London Funders and the Institute of Voluntary Action Research committing us to adopting even more open and trusting practices in support of London’s community organisations.

March 2021

£13m raised for our COVID-19 response. We announce the MOPAC Violence Against Women and Girls Fund grantees following co-design and consultation with grassroots charitable organisations working to tackle the issue. Our partner Evening Standard awards over £600k to community organisations, working to improve the wellbeing of children and young people affected by the fire, through the final round of The Grenfell Children and Young People’s Fund.

Interested in hearing more? Click below to read our 2020/21 annual report in full.