What we do

The difference we make and how we do it

Communities identify their own responses to the challenges they face. Our task is to support them in doing that.

We channel funds to local community organisations making a real difference in their community. We are there to offer support and help them get stronger, to be more resilient and more secure, so people can depend on them, feel connected and feel hope.

We connect funding partners to vital work in communities they could not otherwise reach, helping them meet their own community commitments to London.

We champion local community organisations, advocate for their vital role in bringing London together, and promote the power of local philanthropy to build connections between communities, and businesses and funders.

Thank you for listening and supporting us to support our community in the way WE know they want to be supported.
Sistah Space, recipient of COVID-19 funding

Why us?

The London Community Foundation is known and trusted across London’s community organisations, for its support for community action.

We are supportive champions of small, local community organisations and groups. We understand the vital role they play in making a difference to people’s lives. We have the right people and expertise to support community leaders, and to ensure community organisations are as effective as they can be.

We know finding the best projects to support can be complicated. We have the connections and experience to make that easy, linking funders to community projects that matter. We are the trusted partner of the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime and the Evening Standard, channelling their funds for key programmes to the right local organisations, and playing a key role when there’s been a crisis.

This all means we can give funders confidence, as well as reach, in the community projects they are funding. Since we started out, we've raised over £100 million and committed over £80 million in grants.

We help you make a difference to London, where it matters most.

Laburnum Boat Club, supported by our Broadgate Community Fund