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Providing over £116m in grants to improve lives in London.

We exist to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people in London by working with donors to invest in small, local charities and community groups.

Strengthening our community from the ground up

  • £14.1m funds awarded across London

  • £22,730 average grant size committed

  • 18% of funding focused on children and young people

  • 79% community organisations with income of less than £300,000 a year

We help you make a difference to London. Where it matters most.

London is the greatest city in the world. But it is a polarised city, of extreme inequality, of haves and have-nots. We believe in the vital role of local community organisations in making London a fairer place for everyone. We also believe in the generosity and solidarity of Londoners wanting to make a difference where they live and work. We support you to make that difference in London. Right here, where it matters most.

Start making a difference

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Join us to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged and build a stronger and more vibrant London for everyone by creating your own fundraising page.

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Meet our Heroes of London

Picture a hero and what do you see? We see our small but mighty local charities. Volunteers, leaders, everyday humans. Simply put, Londoners doing amazing things to support their community through the cost-of-living crisis.

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