Who we are

We are The London Community Foundation, the charity for London's grassroots. We specialise in supporting community-based organisations focused on helping disadvantaged London.

We're passionate about London, its people, its communities and its vitality. But we also know that it's a place that can exclude and marginalise. We believe grassroots organisations hold the key to improving the lives of the most disadvantaged. 

By shining a light on the key issues faced and supporting the best ideas to grow, we strengthen and nurture the network of local people solving local problems. 

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It's not good enough for people to complain that our local communities are lacking in opportunity. Those who feel strongly about it have to be the ones to make the change.
Jack Badu, former Head of Coaching, Football Beyond Borders

How we work

Our experience has shown us that communities often characterised as poor and disadvantaged are rich with ideas and assets. Charities, social enterprises and groups that spring from the communities they’re trying to help often have a deep understanding of the gaps that need filling. They know what works, how to gain trust and build lasting relationships. 

We work across the Capital and specialise in supporting grassroots organisations who often don’t attract mass public support. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the groups we support and base our decisions on the merit of ideas and the talents behind them.

We've been working in the community for over 20 years, and have a unique window into how complex social problems are being tackled at local level. We're expert at directing funds into small, under the radar community groups. 

Bike Project, Denmark Hill (Photo credit: Ingrid Gercama)
Bike Project, Denmark Hill (Photo credit: Ingrid Gercama)