Youth Futures Fund

We are launching a new Youth Futures Fund to help young people and we need your support.

Young people, under age 25, represent almost a third of London’s population. They have been hit hard by the pandemic and are facing;

  • Worsening job prospects
  • Greater risk of violence and abuse
  • Fewer opportunities and activities

Young people are really struggling with their mental health. Community providers of mental health support report seeing “a big increase in suicidal thinking and self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety and of course, isolation”. The Children’s Commissioner reports a 50% increase in significant mental health conditions amongst children and young people. The impact of the pandemic is worse for young people living in poverty.

How you can help

It is vital we support young people now to limit the long-term impact of this difficult year. We can’t do it alone. It is going to take a powerful, collective effort from all of us if we are going to give young people the support they need.

You can make a difference by donating to our Youth Futures Fund to build a brighter future for the young people of London.

At Fairview New Homes Ltd we are delighted to support the Youth Futures Fund. We know by partnering with the London Community Foundation, we will be able to reach community organisations who are doing really important work to support young people across the Capital.
Gerald Malton, Chairman, Fairview New Homes Ltd

Through this Fund, our local community partners will give young people the vital support they need to thrive. We will reach some of our most disadvantaged young people – especially those living in poverty, facing barriers to finding work, at risk of violence and abuse and experiencing mental health issues.

Our local community partners have proven to be a lifeline for so many people over the last year. They showed up when the first lockdown hit, and they have stuck around. They are particularly good at reaching young people in their own communities because they understand their experiences, build trust and offer support in places where young people feel comfortable.

We are asking you to stand alongside your community today and donate to support young people.

By donating to the Youth Futures Fund, you will help support young people for many years to come. As the fund grows, we will be able to focus our support on an urgent issue facing young people each year. This year our focus will be on supporting young people’s mental health.

If you would like to talk to us about how you can contribute to our Youth Futures Fund please contact or if you would like to make an online donation please visit donate here.

You can read the answers to more detailed FAQs about the Youth Futures Fund here: Youth Future Fund FAQs