Youth Futures Fund

Youth Futures Fund: skills, training and employability

We are launching our second round of the Youth Futures Fund to support young people across the city to thrive in training or employment.

The fund so far

Phase one of the Youth Futures Fund focused on mental health. Seven partner organisations were chosen to support young people across London and to involve them in designing the types of mental health support available to them. Read more about phase one of the Youth Futures Fund here or find out more about the fund in our detailed FAQs about the Youth Futures Fund.

We are now pleased to be launching our second phase, focusing on skills, training and employability. This year, through this fund, our local community partners will give young people the vital support they need to stay engaged in education, get training, and find quality work so they have the tools to fulfil their potential and build a secure future.

At Fairview New Homes Ltd we are delighted to support the Youth Futures Fund. We know by partnering with the London Community Foundation, we will be able to reach community organisations who are doing really important work to support young people across the Capital.
Gerald Malton, Chairman, Fairview New Homes Ltd

The post-pandemic youth employability landscape

Young people, under age 25, represent almost a third of London’s population. They have been hit hard by the pandemic and are facing;

  • Worsening job prospects: In 2021 unemployment amongst 16–24-year-olds increased from 16% to 20%
  • Greater risk of violence and abuse: In 2021 a City Hall analysis revealed the pandemic has exacerbated the factors that put young people at risk of becoming involved in, or a victim of, violence
  • Rise in mental health issues: 1 in 10 children between 5-15 years have a diagnosable mental health disorder in London
  • Fewer opportunities and activities: In the past decade to 2021, from a starting point of 300 youth centres across London, over 130 have closed, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic

In London, unemployment amongst young people 16-24 years has risen to 20% and the number of young people 18-24 years not in education, employment, or training (a government category called NEET) in London is 12.1%. Falling under this category for over a year or more can greatly damage a young person’s future employment options and earnings, putting them at greater risk of living in poverty or experiencing homelessness.

With the cost of living increasing, putting even more strain on families and young people who are already struggling to make ends meet, it is important we support young people at this stage in their lives.

Help us take action

We can’t do it alone. If we are going to give young people the support they need, it is going to take a powerful, collective effort from all of us.

You too can make a difference by donating to our Youth Futures Fund to build a brighter future for the young people of London. By donating to the Youth Futures Fund, you will help support young people for many years to come. As the fund grows, we will be able to focus our support on an urgent issue facing young people each year.

If you would like to talk to us about how you can contribute to our Youth Futures Fund please contact