ESDF Grenfell Young People's Fund Round 3 Grants Awarded

We are pleased to announce that the third round of grants has been awarded through the Grenfell Young People’s Fund, an Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund initiative, totalling £623,093.

16 organisations were awarded funding of up to £15,000 per year over up to three years to support children and young people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Through this fund, funding was made available for organisations who will improve wellbeing for children and young people, enable them to be more engaged and empowered and have a role in society or to support them to become work ready or employed. You can see the full list of organisations funded here.

The Grenfell Young People’s Fund has been developed and is being overseen by a panel community members, the majority of whom are young people closely affect by the Grenfell Tower fire. They have defined the Fund’s outcomes and criteria, as well as made decisions on how the funding is allocated using their local knowledge and experiences to assess the priorities within their community.

The purpose and design of the Grenfell Young People’s Fund has been decided by the young people and local community members who make up its Grants Panel, supported by London Community Foundation (LCF) and the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund (ESDF). It is their experience and community expertise which has determined the outcomes, priorities and activities to be funded. As needs naturally change in the community LCF and ESDF will be supporting the Grants Panel to decide how the fund develops, working collectively and collaboratively.