Heroes of London: My

#HeroesOfLondon is shining a light on the humans behind our small charities and the amazing – and vital – work they do in London's communities, during the cost-of-living crisis and every day. We spent the last month meeting just some of these local heroes. The stories you are reading are direct transcripts from our chats with them.

Meet My from Lambeth Elderly Association from Vietnam.

We are helping as much as we can but potentially seeing people in poverty is worrying for everyone.

The cost-of-living crisis is affecting people in a big way. They have less money to spend on activities and leisure and the things that we consider to be luxuries but are actually a part of everyday living to provide a decent quality of care.

The people we support are struggling with the basic costs of living, such as energy bills, transport costs, grocery shopping and buying medicines that are needed. This could potentially exacerbate their health issues, which a lot of elderly people suffer from. We are helping them by informing them of the benefits that they are entitled to as well as informing and supporting them to access the help the government has announced with regards to the cost of living.

Our own energy bills have increased. Petrol costs mean it costs more to get to the centre and back. Buying food and items needed for activities has increased. The energy crisis has pushed up the bills for gas and electricity substantially.

The people we serve are suffering with the cost-of-living crisis. We are helping as much as we can but potentially seeing people in poverty is worrying for everyone.

An older man sitting at a table with his hands raised and a smile on his face. He's looking at another person standing just in front of the camera but we can only see the back of him.

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