EdenTree and LCF: Partnering for local impact

We’ve been partnered with EdenTree, a socially responsible investment management firm, since 2017, to help make an impact in their local area. Hear from Leonora Rae, part of EdenTree’s Charity team, on working in partnership with LCF and the impact their EdenTree Community Investment Fund has made so far.

Community giving is at the heart of EdenTree’s ‘Profits with Principles’ ethos which is why, in 2017, we decided to partner with The London Community Foundation (LCF) to make an impact in the communities local to our London office, launching the EdenTree Community Investment Fund.

As a charity-owned investment firm, with a responsible and sustainable approach to investing, striving to make an impact is core to who we are. With all our distributable profits going to good causes, the incentive is inherent within each of us at EdenTree. It is also core to our investment approach: we choose to invest in resilient, well-run businesses with strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials. We believe that these are the organisations that will best succeed in the future, resulting in better returns for our clients.

As employees, we are also able to make an impact in our own individual ways, with yearly grants given to a charity of our choice, matched by the business if we also volunteer.

Since its launch, the EdenTree Community Investment Fund has focused on areas such as the needs of young people, mental health, addiction, bullying or other youth based training, education and support. Traditionally, we support three charities over three years, but this year, in light of Covid-19, we were pleased to support LCF’s ‘London Communities Coronavirus Appeal’, helping charities that have requested funding at this difficult time.

For us, partnering with LCF has enabled us to stay true to our desire for achieving impact. Through our partnership, and LCF’s network, we have been able to support grassroots organisations in improving the lives of the most disadvantaged in London. We have also been able to monitor the impact we have made since the fund launched. Overall, 11,307 people benefitted from the support our grants provided. For example, of the projects we funded over 2017-2020:

  • 7,859 people took part in arts activities for the first time
  • 10,035 people reported improved physical/ mental /emotional health
  • 11,117 people reported an engagement with education/ training
  • 9,775 people reported an engagement with social networks/ support groups
  • 121 people gained an increased understanding of the environment
  • 70 trees were planted
  • 35 people felt safer in their communities
  • 17 people achieved independent living/ no longer required support

For EdenTree, making an impact on society and the environment is a core driver for us, both as a business and as a group of people. We would encourage any company or organisation who is looking to make an impact to start by discussing their objective with their local community foundation as these charities are best placed to bring much needed help to important projects near you. Working alongside LCF, EdenTree has fostered great charitable partnerships and is proud to have made a small impact in our local area.