Veesh Sharma


Why London?

Veesh has great love for London’s diversity; and although he wasn’t born here, it is the only place he calls home. He firmly believes in London’s communities being unequivocally resilient, but also knows that it would be naïve, worse, ignorant to think that they are immune to the seismic shifts the world is experiencing. The renewed calls to action on racial justice and inclusion, the futures of young people as well as those of the working poor, and now the crippling financial and societal impacts of Covid-19 – all present a ‘moment of reckoning’ for us as a city and as a society, and for the institutions within it. Veesh wants to help equip grassroots organisations meet these challenges head-on.

Professional Background:

Veesh is Director of Global Assurance at Save the Children, providing its Board with an independent, objective assessment of the global organisation’s risk, control and governance arrangements. With combined revenues of over US $2.3 billion, and working in 120 countries, Save the Children is the world's leading independent organisation for children.