Paul Windo

Senior Communications and Events Manager

Prior to joining The London Community Foundation, Paul has developed extensive experience leading on communications for a youth charity. He has a deep understanding of the value and challenges that smaller charities face and brings with him a breadth of skills, knowledge and expertise on delivering effective communications in a small team.


Paul is the Senior Communications and Events Manager. He is responsible for all aspects of communications within The London Community Foundation, ranging from the website, social media, email newsletters, publications and events.

Ask him about

Paul is fascinated by the power of storytelling to move and inspire others and he is a passionate advocate for the potential of young people.

We love London

Paul loves the mix of cultures across London and the easy access to museums, galleries and concerts. As someone with an interest in visuals and design, he also loves the Tube map too.

Did you know?

Paul loves being outdoors and has recently taken up wild swimming. He is always on the look-out for suitable new spots for a dip…