Maureen Sebanakitta

Chief Operating Officer

Maureen brings many years of financial and operational experience to the team at The London Community Foundation. She has worked in a variety of not-for-profit roles in education, healthcare and religious organisations. She has a passion for the charity sector and the difference it can make to the lives of the many people supported by local, grassroots organisations.


Maureen is responsible for maintaining the financial and operational health of The London Community Foundation – including budgets, reserves, statutory accounts, auditing, IT, people, operations and governance.

Ask her about

Organisational transformation and the opportunity that transformation offers for learning and growth for individuals and the organisations they work for.

We love London

Maureen has lived in London for many years, raising her family both north and south of the river. The city is very dear to her and has special place in her heart, especially Greenwich.

Did you know?

Maureen is a big fan of military history and an avid consumer of audio books and documentaries on the subject.