Leigh Ogden

Grants Programme Lead

Leigh joined The London Community Foundation from the Walcot Foundation in Lambeth, having spent 6 years in grant-making, supporting grassroots organisations to bring about local level change and community focus. Leigh also has extensive experience working for grassroots frontline organisations, specialising in advice and education.


Leigh is a Grants Programme Lead at The London Community Foundation. This means that she liaises with our fund holders to determine their respective themes and criteria, and then manages the applications and assessment processes, as well as reporting on the difference the funding has made to groups across the capital. She is also responsible for supporting any funded groups to maximise the funding they receive through organisational development and guidance.

Ask her about

Leigh is an advocate for the importance of grassroots organisations and, because they know their communities best, the key role they play in local change. She is also fascinated with participatory grant-making.

We love London

Leigh was born and raised in Greenwich. She has loved witnessing the evolution of the city over the years - particularly in regard to London's reputation for good food. She loves the wide range of choices on offer, from every nation and community.

Did you know?

Leigh loves skiing and will often be found enjoying the snow in the French Alps. For someone with so much experience on the slopes, she admits to having a remarkable talent for falling over while standing still!