British Land

British Land, our partner since the beginning of 2021, is a leading UK property company with several London Campuses offering high-quality, sustainable workspace. We work with them to support the communities in and around their London Campuses.

This year we have worked together to launch three community funds connected to their Regent’s Place, Paddington Central and Broadgate Campuses. Each community fund brings together British Land and their tenants at the Campus to provide support to projects and local community organisations who provide services to vulnerable and marginalised people in the local area.

We have helped British Land and their tenants to consider the specific issues that affect the communities where their Campus is based and which issues and people they want to support. Each fund is led by them and tailored to their location and, in the next twelve months, they will support a variety of people from older people to younger people, to those living in poverty and those who are homeless.

British Land recently wrote about the power of community funds for Property Week. Read the article here.

It was important for British Land to identify a partner not only with great connections to grassroots organisation across London but also with the ability to capture and communicate data to all the members of our Community Funds at Broadgate, Paddington Central and Regent’s Place. These include our customers, who are as keen as we are to contribute to local groups making a positive social impact around the locations where we live, work and play. The London Community Foundation was agile in responding to our requirements, enabling the collection of £150,000 in 2021. They supported the whole process and quickly issued grants to successful local groups. I am pleased with our collaborative approach and look forward to seeing the positive outcomes.
Adonica Simmons, Senior Community Affairs Executive, British Land