The London Marathon 2024

By Chris Dudek

The streets of London closed on the 21st April 2024 for the annual TCS London Marathon, transforming into a vibrant tapestry of diversity, endurance, determination, and charity.

Runners from across the globe came to our capital city, each with their own personal goals and causes close to their hearts. Among them, The London Community Foundation proudly fielded 36 dedicated individuals, driven not only by the desire to surpass their personal bests but also to support the numerous small community groups scattered across this remarkable city that our organisation so proudly supports in our efforts.

Svetlana Rosales, TeamLCF runner from Boston, USA, shared her thoughts on this year's experience:

"Thank you for being there! We felt your incredible support! You were our only family cheering us on the course and we may have shed a tear after hugging you. We had a perfect weekend in London all around."

Chris meeting Svetlana and Olga before the race
Chris meeting Svetlana and Olga before the race

The London Community Foundation, a beacon of hope for these small community organisations, witnessed a growth of support as its runners embarked on their fundraising and training endeavours. The runners who took part, did an amazing job with their fundraising. Together, they raised over £49,500, a testament to the power of our runners’ collective effort and shared purpose. With more contributions expected in the coming weeks, the impact of their generosity promises to go further. The money raised will help towards changing the lives of countless individuals within London's diverse communities.

Reflecting on the journey there was a profound sense of connection as updates started coming in from the runners. The London Community Foundation had been given glimpses into their training and moments of their journey. Witnessing their perseverance and dedication on race day was nothing short of inspiring.

Russell, Chair of The London Community Foundation, encapsulated this sentiment perfectly, expressing heartfelt gratitude to each participant:

"I want to say a huge thank you to you for taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday and raising funds for communities across London. I was there on Sunday cheering from Limehouse Station, and it was incredible to see you, and all the runners, taking on such a great personal sporting challenge on behalf of such good causes. We are so impressed and proud of all of you and we greatly appreciate your support."

The TCS London Marathon Runner
Kevin running on the day of the race

In the wake of this event, The London Community Foundation looks forward to keeping up and expanding its partnership with the runners who have shown their commitment to this cause. Together, we will continue to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who call London home.

We look forward to seeing some of you returning next year to run for our charity again or perhaps to support others next year as they take part in another unforgettable TCS London Marathon.

Put your dates in calendar for Sunday 27th April 2025 😊