Show Respect campaign launched in partnership with the Evening Standard

We’re delighted to announce that the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, in partnership with The London Community Foundation, has launched a new campaign to support 12 grassroots community organisations tackling violence against women and girls. At the launch of their Show Respect campaign, the Evening Standard has committed £500k to highlight the issue of misogyny and unhealthy relationships in schools.

Last week, the Evening Standard released a shocking investigation into the issue, after speaking with pupils at two London schools. The investigation revealed the alarming attitudes present in the classroom, the way boys speak about girls and the widespread use of pornography.

  • Sexual harrassment is a daily occurrence for many girls
  • Boys aged as young as eight access pornography
  • Inappropriate images of schoolgirls are regularly shared on mobile phones
  • Girls feel unsafe walking in their local area
  • “Rating” girls and posting on social media has become normalised
  • The messages of toxic influencer Andrew Tate have had a huge impact on the psyches of young men

Read the full investigation published in the Evening Standard

The report has prompted the Evening Standard to commit £500k of their Dispossessed Fund, which is managed on their behalf by The London Community Foundation, to tackle this issue and to raise the matter with the government and the general public. As an issue that we have already supported, through both the MOPAC Violence Against Women and Girls Grassroots Fund and the latest round of our own Youth Futures Fund, we are proud to support the Evening Standard in this important campaign.

We are deeply concerned about the increasing violence against woman and girls in London, highlighted in the Evening Standard investigative report. Sexism is becoming increasingly normalised with many young men and we need to tackle this as a matter of upmost urgency. It is clear that many boys need re-education and girls need a safe space to talk. It is time to act and it is something we can only tackle collaboratively. This is why I am so pleased we’ve launched this campaign with the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund investing in 12 inspirational grassroots community organisations with £500k this summer. We must tackle this insidious and upsetting social problem and we want more of you to join us in this collective effort.
Paul Buchanan, Interim CEO, The London Community Foundation

The Show Respect campaign will support 12 community organisations working with young people in schools to help them explore healthy relationships. The organisations funded are:-

  • Action Breaks Silence
  • Anima Youth
  • BelEve
  • Diverse Voices Edutainment
  • Juvenis
  • Let Me Know
  • Lives Not Knives
  • Milk Honey Bees
  • Shpresa
  • Tender
  • UK Feminism
  • Youth Realities

To find out more about the Evening Standard’s Show Respect campaign, you can read the launch report on their website: