Who can apply?

We primarily support small community groups and charities in London. We award grants on behalf of numerous donors through a range of different funding streams managed here at The London Community Foundation.

As a minimum, to apply for a grant from The London Community Foundation, your group must be a constituted organisation with the following in place:

  • At least 3 Trustees, Directors or Management Committee members (If you are a community organisation, you must have this as a minimum. Registered charities and other bodies’ constitutions may allow for less – in this instance, please contact us prior to making an application).
  • A governing document eg. Constitution or memorandum & articles of association.
  • Accounts or a record of income and expenditure for your group, and sound plans for managing your money (if you are a new group you will need to provide a bank statement and a spending plan).
  • A safeguarding policy if you are working with children or young people (under 18) or if you are working with vulnerable adults.
It is hard to manage all aspects of running a charity and not getting bogged down in so much detail you lose the creativity and inspiration to give to your beneficiaries. With so much competition for funding today it can become dispiriting, so working with people like yourselves who treat us like people and not just another form with a number is really, really wonderful and encouraging. Thank you.

You can apply to more than one grant programme at any time, as long as your organisation is eligible and meets the criteria specific to each programme. Please make sure you read the guidance notes for each programme carefully to ensure your organisation and your project are eligible for support.

The London Community Foundation is continually working to develop and secure new funds for the benefit of community organisations in London, so funds we have available will change throughout the year. Keep up to date by signing up to our newsletter.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7582 5117 or by emailing applications@londoncf.org.uk.