Elizabeth Launders

Grants Team Administrator

Elizabeth came to London from Dublin in 2021 to study at Goldsmith’s College and joined The London Community Foundation in the summer of 2023. She has studied Politics as well as English, Media and Culture Studies.


Elizabeth is the Grants Team Administrator for The London Community Foundation. She is responsible for supporting the Grants and Impact team in a wide range of tasks, including helping groups with their applications and keeping them updated on their application status. She is also the first person you’ll speak to if you call our office so there’s a good chance you’ve already heard from her.

Ask her about

Elizabeth is very interested in politics and social justice. She is also a passionate advocate for adapting the workplace to be accessible for all, particularly those who might normally be marginalised at work.

We love London

Elizabeth loves how friendly London people are and that there are plenty of expats to help her feel at home. She loves the diversity of different cultures and that every day London can feel like a different place.

Did you know?

When volunteering for WorkAway, Elizabeth spent time living in, and helping to renovate, a castle in France.