VAWG Grassroots Fund

Last updated: 06.07.20

The VAWG Grassroots Fund is currently on hold. As a consequence of COVID-19 we recognise that the priority for grassroots organisations in the coming months will be to survive and support the most vulnerable. We encourage VAWG organisations to apply to the next wave of the London Community Response Fund which is focused on supporting London’s voluntary organisations undertaking crisis support, enabling them to adapt to the loosening of lockdown measures and adapting to restart, adapt or collaborate in the future. 

We understand that the need for a Fund focused on building the resilience of grassroots VAWG organisations still exists. As ever, even more so for BME organisations and those supporting women with disabilities, LGBT+, NRPF and other minoritised groups. This is why we are still committed to ensuring the opportunity for funding and capacity building support through the VAWG Grassroots Fund is still available for the sector once the level of emergency has reduced.

To stay up to date with the announcement of when this Fund will be opening, please follow us on Twitter or sign up to our monthly ebulletin.

What's available

The aim of the fund is to support the resilience of grassroots organisations who focus on ending VAWG by providing grants of up to £100,000 and a programme of capacity building, peer support and networking events.

Grassroots organisations are often the first (and sometimes the only) support contact for many survivors of VAWG, particularly those from BME communities and women and girls who face multiple disadvantage. 

LCF is managing the programme in partnership with The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) and MOPAC. The Fund is part of MOPAC's wider VAWG strategy, which you can read more about here.

Applicant Support workshops will be held virtually via webinars and telephone. Details of how to sign up will be announced in due course.

Who can apply

80% of funding will be prioritised for grassroots, specialist by and for organisations for which:

  • Ending VAWG is their organisation’s priority
  • Provide services for BME women
  • Can demonstrate they are led by BME women

20% will be for specialist grassroots community organisations who provide ending VAWG services for other minoritised groups such as disabled women, LBTQ+ women, and women with No Recourse to Public Funds.

To check your eligibility and request a full application form please complete this short survey (which will be available once the Fund launches).