Mohima Akthar (on maternity leave)

Programme Officer

LCF is Mohima’s third charity sector job since graduating university in 2014. Previously working at QUIT, a smoking prevention charity, and at Young Enterprise as a Project Officer – she enjoyed these experiences so much it encouraged her to continue to work in the charity sector.


One of LCF's two Programme Officers, Mohima supports the Programmes team with the administration of multiple grant programmes. This involves many, many things – some of which include, acting as the first point of contact for enquiries about LCF’s programmes, carrying out due diligence, assessing monitoring reports, attending panels and sending out decision letters to groups on their applications.

Ask her about

Issues affecting young people.

We love London

Her favourite thing to do in London is try out different places to eat. Enjoying how multicultural London is and the abundance of places to choose from, she thinks she could likely make a better attempt at broadening her taste buds!

Did you know...

Due to her love for and frequent watching of Bollywood movies, Mohima can now fully understand Hindi and partially speak it.