Marta Zawieja

Executive Assistant

Originally from Poland, Marta moved to London in 2016 to fulfil an almost life-long dream of living in the UK after so many years of learning English. Before joining LCF, she worked as an Office Admin for an IT company. She’s also been (in no particular order): a recruiter, a barista, a writer, a teacher, and an archivist. She also has a degree in History, with a speciality in preserving cultural heritage.


As LCF’s Executive Assistant, Marta is responsible for the smooth running of the office, and providing administrative support to both Senior Management and the Board. She also has responsibilities related to Finance, HR, and IT.

Ask her about

GDPR, LGBT rights, European immigrants, how to ethically source pretty much anything we use in the office!

We love London

Marta’s favourite thing to do in London is trying and failing to find books that would make sense out of London. It’s such a frustrating city! Where is your Market Square? Why is there no main train station? Why is London Wall so far east and north?

Did you know...

After over two years of trying to make sense out of London’s urban planning, Marta is now full of historical London trivia no one ever wanted to know, but she’ll tell you anyway.