Lauren Palmer

Programme Manager

Originally from Essex (or, as she likes to say, the Suffolk border), Lauren moved to Brixton when she started at The London Community Foundation. After gaining a first class Masters degree in Human Rights and spending time with NGOs in India, South Africa and America she decided it was time to help those closer to home. LCF is her first paid third sector job and she already knows that this is the type of work for her!


Lauren's role sits within two departments, Programmes and Finance, and means that her role is very varied. Her Programmes work means that she is in charge of a number of funds; managing applications, groups and donors. She also helps the finance team to make the payments to our groups and track the donations we get in. 

Ask her about

Grant payments, fundraising and running a marathon!

We love London

Lauren’s favourite place in London is Greenwich. She loves walking around the park with the green parakeets, and the Royal Maritime Museum makes the historian within her very happy. She hopes one day to discover the truth in the rumour of a secret tunnel underneath the park to Vanbrugh Castle.

Did you know...

Lauren’s is going to (attempt to) run the London Marathon for LCF! Be sure to check out her inspirational and educational blog posts tracking her journey.