Laura Berrisford

Programme Manager

Laura has been working in the charity section since 2014. In that time, she worked with Milton Keynes Community Foundation and as a freelancer on a range of charity projects .  


Laura is one of LCF’s Programme Managers. Since joining, she has been working on the Emergency Funding programme in response to Covid-19, including an exciting programme with Citi Bank. She also handles a number of other programmes, supporting vital projects across the city.  

Ask her about

Creative, innovative projects and new ways of working. Laura is particularly keen working with groups on small grants that can give them an opportunity to try something different and test things out in pilot projects for further development.  

We love London

Laura loves picnics in Regents Park in the Summer, chilly strolls along South Bank in the Autumn, and the lights at Covent Garden at Christmas. Spring is still up for grabs.  

Did you know

She’s done a sky dive and two bungee jumps. She’d do another sky dive, but probably not another bungee – the sky dive was less scary!