Gaynor Humphreys


Why London?

Gaynor spent many years helping community foundations to get started and thrive in the UK so she is particularly pleased to have joined the LCF board. London has been her home for over 30 years: she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but hates London topping the UK statistics with the highest levels of child poverty and extremes of high and low life expectancy. This is something she's keen to change. LCF’s grants are making a difference in supporting community-based projects and services and improving children’s and young people’s life chances – using the generosity of better-off Londoners. Gaynor enjoys walking the 80-mile Capital Ring, which connects neighbourhoods through an astonishing number of parks, woods and small green spaces, a reminder of the scale and diversity of this amazing city. 

Professional background: 

Voluntary sector development and management, especially working with grantmakers, grantmaker associations and community foundations.