Gabrielle Sturrock

Senior Development Manager

Gabrielle studied law and politics at University in her native New Zealand as well as in Amsterdam. Before joining LCF she worked for ICOS, a think tank which focused on security and development policy in countries like Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq. She spent lots of time travelling the world to secure political support and funding for their proposed pilot projects to turn Afghan poppy crops into morphine and codeine. She also worked on projects to promote a public health approach to global drug policy.   


Gabrielle is a Senior Development Manager here at LCF. This means that she helps to bring on board new donors by helping them understand why they want to give, and to which causes, matching them with issues and causes affecting Londoners. She also looks after our many existing donors, and takes them to visit groups that they fund so they can see first-hand the amazing impact of their giving. 

Ask her about

Working with donors who “just want to do some good.” Helping them to ignite their passion and delve into the issues that they are truly interested in. 

We love London

Gabrielle’s favourite place in London is Colombia Road Flower Market. She loves treating herself to fresh flowers whenever she’s in Hackney on a Sunday.

Did you know…

Gabrielle is an expert candyfloss maker. True fact.