Chloe Taylor-Gee

Programme Officer

Before joining LCF in March 2020, Chloe worked as a consultant for the Foundation for Women's Heath and Development (FOWARD) and as a consultant for UN Women, after completing a 6-month internship at UN Women in Panama. She has an MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict from the University of Sussex in which she conducted primary research in Uganda on self-case and gender-based violence workers. She has also taught arts and crafts in London primary schools.


Chloe is one of LCF's Programme Officers, which means she acts as a primary point of contact for grant applications and undertakes the administrative process of funding programmes, including collecting documents for grant payment and monitoring final programme evaluations.

Ask her about

Intersetional feminist politics, homelessness and self-care

We love London

Chloe loves the Tate Modern. It's so big and you can spend all day there drawing and reading and no one will ask you to leave.

Did you know...

She is super-fast on a pair of rollerblades and loves to dance.