Becky Crosweller

Director of Business Development and Communications

Becky came to LCF after spending 5 years working at Cancer Research UK in different roles focussing on communications and project management. One of her highlights there was delivering pitch materials for £1 million+ asks towards the Create The Change campaign – a £100 million fundraising drive towards building a new medical research institute. Before that she trained in business management at The Co-op. There she moved around businesses and functions across a large portfolio taking on many different projects which often felt like mini-apprentice style challenges, or so she liked to think!


Becky is LCF’s Director of Business Development and Communications. This means that she gets to work with donors and all those interested in supporting the most disadvantaged communities across London. She develops existing funds and encourages new ones to be set up. She's also passionate about developing our brand and communications, making sure that we’re really clear and consistent about how we talk about ourselves and our work. We’re passionate about amplifying the voices of the community groups we work with, meaning her job involves finding ways to tell their stories and bring to life the impact they’re having every day across London.

Ask her about

Design and branding are Becky’s passion and speciality. She thinks that a strong visual and verbal identity is essential for a brand to thrive, particularly in the charitable sector which can be crowded and competitive.

We love London

Becky loves the unique and wonderful parks that London has to offer. Her local is Peckham Rye Park, which has a Japanese garden, Saturday Park Run, and heaps of dog walkers (which is great as she recently got a whippet puppy called Rocket!) You’ll find her there most weekends or eating out in one of the many fantastic pubs or restaurants our city has to offer.

Did you know…

Becky spent a year of her childhood living in Canada. She returned to England aged 7 with a Newfie accent and a Canadian brownies uniform.