Alice Ollendorff

Programme Officer

Before joining LCF, Alice was studying for her Master's in International Relations At King's College London whilst working for The Access to Justice Foundation. Before that, she worked as a Student Support Officer at a college, a Political Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK and interned at the charity One Young World.


Alice is one of LCF's Programme Officers. This involves supporting LCF's grant-making process, including completing due diligence, attending panels and reviewing monitoring reports.

Ask her about

Throughout her undergraduate and post-graduate studies, Alice specialised in human rights. Her master's thesis looked at how the media's coverage of migration differed from migrants' own narration of their lived experience.

We love London

Alice's favourite thing to do in London is discovering new independent food places. She recently went to Adam's Ethiopian in Brixton and loved it.

Did you know...

Alice is exceptionally good at headstands. She claims she can hold one for at least ten minutes.