Standout Women’s Champion

The Standout Women's Champion Award is part of the London Impact Awards: Powered by Women supported by Citi.

This year’s theme ‘Powered by Women’ aims to shine a spotlight on local women-led organisations and inspiring women leaders making a meaningful difference in their communities.

The Standout Women's Champion Award is for a women-led organisation that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to influencing sustained change in the sector by advocating for women’s issues and amplifying the voices of those they work with.

Grassroots organisations have a unique understanding of the needs and issues facing the communities they support. Women-led organisations have used this knowledge to make change by delivering on the frontline, advocating for positive change in policy and legislation, and pioneering innovative delivery. Women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, which has highlighted the critical need for organisations that work hard to make sure women’s issues are listened to and prioritised.

We want to hear about organisations that are using their platform to champion women, amplifying the voices of the women they work with to influence lasting change.

Deadline for applications is midday on 8 October 2021.