Clarion Futures Digital Fund

The aim of this fund is to support Clarion residents of all ages to get and stay online and to build the skills, motivation and confidence to use the internet safely as an everyday tool.


The fund is designed to address digital exclusion, and to:

  • Support Clarion residents of all ages to get and stay online and use the internet as an everyday tool in their communities
  • Support residents to discover the full scope of how the internet can assist them in their everyday lives, and to provide them with the skills and confidence to do so
  • Support residents to access the tools that meet their individual needs and circumstances
  • Encourage residents to use the internet with confidence and securely
  • Support residents of all ages, regardless of whether they go online regularly, to use it safely, and avoid risky and/or illegal behaviour

Within the scope of the Fund, we want to reach:

  • residents who have never used the internet before AND/OR
  • residents who may have previously used some online facilities but who may not be aware of the full potential to use the internet in their everyday lives, i.e. they may use Facebook but may not be aware of how the internet can be used in the workplace, for online learning, or for information on their careers, hobbies AND/OR
  • residents with limited internet skills.


Please note that this fund is not primarily aimed at helping people to use a computer – this may be an incidental part of the project or an added benefit, however the primary aim of any project must be to support people specifically to be able to use the internet to help them in their everyday lives.

Please also note, the fund is primarily for Clarion residents, and we would expect the majority of beneficiaries to live in Clarion properties, however projects can work to benefit the wider community too.

UK wide - in areas of Clarion housing only.

Grant size

Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 are available

How to apply

To apply to this fund, please take a look at the fund guidelines and application form guidance by clicking on the buttons below. If you’d like to apply, you can access the online form by clicking to the button at the top right hand corner of your screen.


Wednesday 12th December 2018 by 5pm (you will hear the outcome by the end of February 2019)

Contact details

Please contact The Programmes Team at The London Community Foundation if you need help with your application or have any queries about the fund at or 020 7582 5117.