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Rallying Cry

Towards flagship project for 35th anniversary: 'Rallying Cry' - first site specific immersive spoken word production to take place throughout rooms/performance spaces of newly re-opened Battersea Arts Centre

Encouragement through the Arts and Talking (ETAT)

To contribute to the sessional costs of running a twice weekly arts based activity group for 76 isolated and vulnerable people living in the Pimlico area, close to Peabody Avenue, Tachbrook, Ebury and Abbey Orchard estates.

Creativity in Community Sharing

To provide a series of intergenerational arts workshops in and around the Loughborough Centre, around the theme of food waste, promoting the community fridges network.

Our Barn's #iwill Project

To deliver 30 4-hour activity sessions to 40 young disabled people in Hounslow and Ealing, over one year


15,000 towards 'Sapiens', devised new play based on best-selling book, 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankin'?, by Yuval Noah Harari