London Refugee Response

The London Refugee Response is launching today to meet the needs of refugees in our city.

This Appeal has been set up with leadership from the Mayor of London, London Councils and charitable funders from across London to give Londoners a way to provide much needed support to new arrivals from Afghanistan (and potentially refugees and people seeking asylum from other countries living in London.)

How you can help

It is vital that we support these new arrivals in our city to try and limit the long- term impact of their traumatic arrival. We need to ensure that they can become Londoners working, living and enjoying all that London has to offer.

You can make a difference by supporting London Refugee Response

Londoners have been amazingly generous in their support to date, including donating lots of practical items. Now these immediate support needs have been met we need to ensure that these new arrivals to our city are able to access the things they need. This could take many forms, from mental health support, language support, advice around employment or legal advice. Vital funds donated through The London Refugee Response will be directed to charitable organisations delivering this support.

How will this happen?

The Mayor and partners across London are already in touch with and work with local community partner organisations who understand these support needs. Londoners have been asking how they can get involved – this is a way to help.

The London Community Foundation is managing this fundraising appeal as part of The London Refugee Response collaboration. The Foundation will work in partnership with other funders to direct funds to charitable organisations in the capital supporting Afghan refugees.

We are asking you to step up as Londoners and donate to support Refugees.

Please donate in order to enable local community partners with experience and expertise in working in and with Afghan communities and with specialism in working with refugees and people seeking asylum to meet these longer- term needs and ensure that people are supported to rebuild their lives.

Depending on the amounts raised donations may be used to support refugees and asylum seekers from additional countries.