Running for London

Why on earth are you doing this?

Was the encouraging reaction I received from my Mum when I told her that I’d signed up to run next year’s London Marathon. “A bus would be quicker,” came the witty text from my Dad, and the amazing look of horror on my colleague’s face when I told her is probably what will get me through that 26th mile. My sisters, thankfully, were a little more supportive of the news, although their excitement seemed to centre largely on the sweaty selfie they want to take with me at the finish line. Marathons are great for Instagram, apparently.

It didn’t take long though, for the genuine congratulations to come running (hehe) in. My colleagues lost no time in fitting me into a marathon vest and encouraging me to run the length of the office every time I need the printer and Russell, our Chief Executive and fellow marathon runner, shared with me the training wisdom he has gained over the course of 15 marathons… run, run, run! Seems like good advice to me.

At the moment I am more worried about raising the donations than I am about the physical side of the challenge; £2,000 is a lot of money. But by monopolising on the incredibly sweet tooth in this office and the promise of my eternal gratitude to family and friends, I am confident that I can bring in a good amount of money for a great cause. No doubt the physical pain of everything will hit me in the new year, but for now I am contenting myself with researching training plans and dreaming of all the extra food I will get to eat. (That’s how it works right? I can just eat as much as I want of whatever I want when training..?)

Running a marathon has always been on my to do list, but I have continually found a convenient excuse to avoid it. Initially it was, ‘well, I should at least run a half marathon first,’ but once I completed that two years ago, my excuses ran low. Starting at The London Community Foundation recently has given me the kick of inspiration I needed to sign up. Already I have heard so many stories about the successes of the projects we help to fund and getting to visit a couple of them has cemented in my mind the importance and worth of the work LCF does across the whole of London. So obviously, when the email advertising our marathon places was sent around two weeks ago I signed up right away. Partly to kick off LCF’s Marathon 2018 campaign; mostly so that I didn’t have time to change my mind!

So, to answer the question I started with: why on earth am I doing this? I’m doing it for LCF and I am doing it for me.

So, to answer the question I started with: why on earth am I doing this? I’m doing it for LCF and I am doing it for me. It is to help support this amazing city and the wonderful people in it and to show London that I am proud to work for The London Community Foundation. And because running 26.1 miles is far better for the environment than taking the bus, Dad. 

Lauren will be documenting her journey to the London Marathon through regular blog posts. She is raising funds for The London Community Foundation, helping to build and stronger and more vibrant London for everyone. 

Check out Lauren’s fundraising efforts or donate today.