I've run 10 marathons!

Ok, maybe not 10 separate blocks of 26.2 miles, but I have run more than 280 miles over the course of my training and that’s pretty much the same thing…

With race day only two days away, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back on the last 3 months and find out just how much running I have done. The figures really shocked me!

Since I began properly training back in the wind and the rain of late December I have:

  • Run more than 280 miles (that’s from London to Bruges and back!)
  • Run for 45 hours (what better way to spend a weekend’s worth of time?)
  • Visited 9 of London’s lovely parks (made all the nicer in snow and rain)
  • Got through 53 hours of Harry Potter audio books (and I’m still only on book 5!)

It has needed a real dedication of time and commitment, more than I imagined it to, but I have really loved the challenge and I can’t wait to put all this training to the test on Sunday.

On Wednesday, I headed to the marathon Expo to pick up my race number and the atmosphere was incredible. There were talks, competitions, goody bags, runners and free tasters everywhere! I bought myself a pair of shorts to run in on Sunday (a last-minute outfit change!) and left with a whole host of free goodies – the most bizarre being a “shock absorbing” razor… Maybe streamlining will make all the difference to my finishing time. Right at the exit there was the opportunity to have a photo taken with an ENORMOUS finishers medal, so of course I had to take part. It was a really well put together event and has made me even more excited for Sunday.

The news is telling us that this could be the hottest London Marathon on record. No doubt this is very pleasing to all my supporters who are suddenly far keener to spend the day along the course cheering me on, but I wouldn’t mind if the forecast was a bit off. Having trained mostly in rain, snow and the cold, running in temperatures of over 21°C will be quite a shock! Still, I’ll probably get quite a nice vest-shaped tan line to remind me of the day.

Fundraising is going well. As of yesterday I have hit the £2,000 target and have even exceeded it!

The support I have received over the course of my training has been overwhelming. From words of encouragement around the office to leg massages and big roast dinners after my long, cold Sunday runs, this support has made so much difference. Thank you to everyone who has helped in some small way. I can’t wait to see my colleagues, family and friends around the track on Sunday and give them a nice, sweaty high-five in thanks.

Good luck to everyone running the London Marathon this year – it’s going to be great!