Happy 12 Days of Christmas!

At The London Community Foundation, we know that small charities and groups can have a big impact. They are the glue that bonds communities together and foster a sense of belonging.

These groups span the capital and deal with a range of issues – from tackling food poverty and homelessness, to improving mental wellbeing and providing support for victims of domestic violence - but they often run on a shoestring and struggle with the resources and support to deliver these vital services.

Despite these difficulties, these groups are a lifeline to many Londoners. They are fantastic at connecting individuals, improving opportunities for those at the margins of our society and strengthening communities. 

London can be a lonely place, especially during the festive season when people normally come together. Research shows that almost one quarter (22 per cent) of the capital’s population are often lonely. As a result, during the holidays, community groups and charities become even more important in providing a social network and sense of belonging and companionship.

Wellbeing in the community is a priority for LCF and we’re committed to tackling isolation by nurturing the grassroots organisations who are so well placed to help bring people together and make connections. That’s why over the next 12 days (starting tomorrow) we will be celebrating the important work of 12 small organisations who are working across London to strengthen their communities.

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