Grenfell Tower Fire Appeal - Update


The Grenfell Tower fire started in the early hours on the 14th June 2017, eventually claiming 72 lives. On the day of the fire, the Evening Standard newspaper and The London Community Foundation launched a fundraising campaign for those affected by the fire.

In the subsequent months, The London Community Foundation received funds from other appeals, including the #Game4Grenfell football match (whose proceeds were added to the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund), the Artists for Grenfell fundraising single, and the FA Community Shield football match.

Working with our partners, we received over 64,000 donations from individuals and businesses, as well as charitable trusts and foundations. In total, thanks to incredible generosity, £9,598,556.91 has been raised. Of this, £8,779,630.82 has been disbursed. The value of remaining funds held by The London Community Foundation is £818,926.09.

Below, we summarise the key details about the money that has been received and how it has been used. It also outlines what will happen with the remainder of the funding.

Other than where noted below, all the work of The London Community Foundation in responding to the Grenfell Tower fire, raising funds and disbursing funds to support victims has been done without any charge against the funds raised.

Money raised

As of 31st May 2018, the amount raised by the London Community Foundation related to the Grenfell Tower Fire was £9,598,556.91. This comprises primarily of donations to three major funds:

  • The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund Grenfell Tower Fire Appeal. This appeal was launched by the Evening Standard newspaper on the day of the fire, for victims of the fire. In total, £7,397,656.43 has been raised. This includes money raised from ticket receipts and related donations from the #Game4Grenfell charity football match, which was played at Loftus Road on 2nd September 2017. #Game4Grenfell raised £460,597.97 for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. Of the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund money, all of the #Game4Grenfell funding has been disbursed, and £549,843.46 of the other donations remain.
  • The Artists for Grenfell Charity Single. This comprises of the proceeds of sales of the Artists for Grenfell single, ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’, and related donations, to support the victims of the fire and wider community. In total, £865,429.23 has been raised and of this, £269,082.63 remains.
  • The FA Community Shield. This relates to ticket receipts from the FA Community Shield football match, held between Arsenal and Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on 6th August 2017. In total, it raised £1,335,471.25 for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. All of this funding has been disbursed.

Money disbursed

Of the money raised, £8,595,945.22 has been made available for survivors who lived in Grenfell Tower, households who lived in Grenfell Walk, and the next of kin of the deceased. Funds for survivors from Grenfell Tower and residents of Grenfell Walk, have been distributed via our partners, the Rugby Portobello Trust and the National Zakat Foundation. Funds for the next of kin of the deceased, as well as those were hospitalised, have been distributed via the London Emergencies Trust.

The funding was made in seven tranches between 19 June 2017 and 16 March 2018.

In addition to payments to surviving households from Grenfell Tower, we have given out £173,035 in grants to local organisations who are working to address needs arising from the fire. The London Community Foundation has also incurred £10,650.60 in payments to third parties in connection with its work on the Artists for Grenfell single, and this amount has been reimbursed from the Artists for Grenfell fund.

Remaining funds

As of 31st May 2018, The London Community Foundation holds £818,926.09 of donated funds related to the Grenfell Tower fire. This funding is being committed to supporting children and young people, aged 0 to 25, over a period of three years. This Grenfell Children and Young People’s Fund will be overseen by a panel of local residents, including former residents of the tower, and young people, who will make decisions about how the funding is used. A sum of £13,454.13 will be allocated from the Artists for Grenfell funds to The London Community Foundation to cover a proportionate part of its work on supporting the panel, over the lifetime of the fund.

This will leave £805,471.96 to be given out in grants. The fund will open in the autumn of 2018.

2020 update: for the most up to date information about the funds raised and grants awarded, please follow this link.