Game, set, match

The oldest tennis tournament in the world begins again – and we are wishing luck to all those frustratingly robust and energetic players powering their ways through another British heat wave!

Wimbledon, now 141 years old, is generally considered one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments. For two weeks spectators gather to eat strawberries and cream (last year 34,000 kg of strawberries and 10,000 litres of cream were consumed) and to watch the world’s best players compete for glory on the courts.

But off the courts, there’s some very different work taking place.

The Wimbledon Foundation is the charity of the All England Lawn Tennis Club and The Championships. Building on the success of an extensive programme of community and charitable activities over several years, its mission is to help improve people’s lives using the resources and heritage of Wimbledon. One of its principal objectives is to make a real contribution to meeting social needs in the local community.

We’ve been working with the Wimbledon Foundation since 2014 with the creation of the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund. To date, an incredible £430,418 in over 100 grants has been awarded to a variety of organisations based in Wandsworth and Merton.

From funding projects like healthy eating and cooking skills programmes to ‘giggle doctors’ entertaining sick and disabled children in hospital, over 17,000 local people have been supported in the local area from the Fund.

As the tournament starts, we want to highlight the great work of the Wimbledon Foundation and the local organisations in Merton and Wandsworth. Join us throughout the duration of the tournament on social media to hear about the incredible community-based organisations demonstrating that while we can’t all be champions on the court, we can be champions of London’s communities.