Attending the ECR Global Poverty Summit

I was delighted to represent LCF at the Global Poverty Summit (opens in a new window) on 26th January. Organised by Syed Kamall MEP the Summit brought charities, think tanks, politicians and philanthropists together to shine a light on work that small, grassroots projects are doing to tackle poverty and disadvantage around the world.

I joined a panel Chaired by Linda Whetstone of the Atlas Network (opens in a new window) alongside Andy Smith of Regenerate (opens in a new window) (an organisation currently funded by LCF), David Barker of Tech Centre and Marie Halaka of Greek organisation Praksis (opens in a new window). Together we discussed the hidden causes of poverty and disadvantage and the importance of viewing local people as part of the solution not as problems to be solved.

The day was filled with inspiring stories from people creating real change in their communities as well as contributions from politicians who have operated on the world stage such as former NATO Secretary General and Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The combination of hearing from and of grassroots solutions to poverty and disadvantage alongside leading political figures was a powerful one. It also served as a reminder that there is no ‘magic bullet’ to tackling poverty. Government, private sector organisations and charities need to work together to achieve meaningful and lasting impact – for me, this is where LCF comes in.

The Summit proved that there is a huge opportunity for LCF to do more and play a leading role in directing support to the organisations best placed to transform lives across London.