Advantage: London

As sad as we are that our Brit Heroes Andy Murray and now Kyle Edmunds aren’t in Wimbledon anymore, not everything is gloomy. As mentioned in our previous blog posts, the Wimbledon Foundation has funded some amazing causes in the local area, which is certainly something to celebrate.

One of the charities that the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund has supported is the Wimbledon Guild of Social Welfare – over 100 years old itself, it aims to reduce social isolation, support people who are struggling, and encourage and help older people to stay healthy and active.

The Wimbledon Guild worked with nearly 2000 individuals in 2017 alone and has a range of focuses from counselling services, home based needs assessments, clubs and classes, a small grants programme for needed items for individuals – this may be furniture or school educational trips.

One of the incredible aspects of Wimbledon Guild is the Outreach team, who offer home- based assessments. If people are ready they may then be encouraged to become more outwardly involved in the Guild activities, use the counselling services and communicate about the things they may struggle with to an external but caring and supportive person. Eventually this help may turn into individuals being so positive about the experience that they want to volunteer there themselves.

Age UK suggests over 40% of people over 65 are struggling with mental health issues. The Guild has a long history of providing services for older people. It has identified an issue of around 74% of clients effectively dropping out of counselling with average attendance being just a third of the offered 60 sessions. The Guild sees this as being due to formal sessions being uncomfortable for many people, so readdress this. 

Our work with Wimbledon Foundation and their generosity has funded this and many more incredible community projects. London is benefitting from much more than some good tennis matches and an abundance of sunshine right now – so a huge thank you to everyone involved.