9 days at LCF - What I have learnt

On arrival to The London Community Foundation I was nervous and didn’t have a clue on what to expect, the adult world of work seemed daunting to me. But my nerves were soon calmed by the warm welcome of everyone here and I quickly felt at ease. I have learnt so much during the past week and a bit, and I truly couldn't have asked for a better work experience. Not only did I learn the ins and outs of a charity organisation that supports London's Grassroots, but I have learnt a valuable lesson that we can't just sit around if we want society to change its organisations like these and the actions you decide to take that will help make the difference. This work experience has also made me more aware of the social problems that still need tackling. To learn that the government are making cuts on youth clubs or that social isolation is a rising problem makes you realise the work that needs to be done and luckily The London Community Foundation is allowing for this to happen and I Just wish that more people knew about LCF's work as I think it's so crucial for our community and society.

In my head I had always pictured an office job as quite long and dull however, the work The London Community Foundation does, changed my perception of that. It is amazing to learn how a grant can really make a difference to organisations, projects and charities. I was fortunate enough to be involved with a panel (one of the highlights of my experience) where we decided which projects and charities we gave the grant money to. I found it so fascinating to read about all the different projects and charities out there because it makes you realise there are so many people around us putting in all their time and effort to do things that will benefit others and I feel that in this day and age these people and organisations are not getting enough recognition for it. 

I was lucky enough to also listen in to Kate; the chief executive's talk on the criminal justice system. Her talk really opened my eyes about the arising problems in prisons something I hadn't known too much about. It's sad to know that many ex-offenders reoffend because they have more security in prisons than the outside world. This made me have a better understanding of some of the reasons behind why people commit crime and that if ex-offenders are not feeling safe in the outside world something needs to be done to ensure their security because no one should have to live feeling unsafe.

Finally, I cannot miss out on the fact that the team at LCF are so lovely and they made me feel so welcome I cannot thank them enough. Having spoken to most of them I can see the passion they have about their work because they know what they do is going to benefit many people it's a really nice thing to see. So to end this blog I would like to say a big THANK YOU! To everyone at The London Community Foundation and I will look forward to seeing what you will do in the future.