Five lines of support

Five lines of support


Our annual review, launched last week, is just a glimpse into the many incredible projects and organisations working at grassroots level across our city to make an impact.


Our impact themes

We have focused on five main themes which have all impacted London and it’s communities in different but equally valuable ways. These themes are:

1. Arts and Culture- creativity is key when working within community and unsurprisingly using arts has been an incredibly successful way of approaching individuals and groups, and encouraging a form of expression. This has led to 20,000 people being reached through our funding and 361 working in arts or culture for the first time over the last year.

2. Environment – It is only recently that it is becoming the norm to address the environmental issues facing London. Whether it is through planting trees, working in greenhouses or simply looking after local spaces, it is so great to see London really engaging with this issue

3. Life Skills and Employability- Achieving your potential is not a given in many parts of London, but we are working to change this, with 142 projects supporting people under this theme. Check out our video on the Work Rights Centre in Brent for a better insight into this.

4. Stronger Communities: the Violence Virus – which you can read about here, delves into the issue of youth violence in London. Our long-standing partner The Evening Standard, recently launched a new initiative:  Save London Lives, which will support community groups responding to this issue.

5. Wellbeing: Check out our report and blog “Keeping it together” published earlier this year, talking about the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing and community-based organisations’ role in this. We are very keen to continue working with such incredible projects under this theme.


“Almost all of our services were piloted using funding from LCF” who “support us with grants to help us innovate and develop new interventions that help eradicate poverty”
Mohammed Mamdani of Sufra NW London points to how crucial funding is to supporting incredible causes.

To wrap up – we have seen some great results in the last year. Seeing the volume of people and places supported has been great, but numbers aren’t everything. What is so great is speaking to beneficiaries and hearing about the tangible differences made to peoples’ lives: head over to our YouTube channel to check out videos of our beneficiaries here, produced by Chocolate Films.

Youth Actors Theatre Islington - Photograph by Oliver Goodrich