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Meet Tim - our newest Trustee

This week, charities all over the UK celebrate Trustees’ Week – an annual event honouring the vital role of trustees in a charity’s day-to-day business. Volunteering their time, trustees are ultimately responsible for how a charity operates and make all the chief decisions about a charity’s work. Events will be happening across the UK to showcase their contribution and raise awareness of how others can get involved.

Thus, we thought Trustees Week would be the perfect opportunity to introduce our newest trustee – Tim Ingram, who joined our board in October. Tim’s career spans seven countries in banking and finance and he has previously been a trustee at the English Touring Opera and Fulham Palace Trust.

We had the opportunity to ask Tim, a former aerobatic pilot in university, a few questions about why he decided to become a trustee, what he hopes to bring to the experience and why London.

Why did you decide to become a trustee at LCF?

I strongly believe that channelling donor money to local grassroots and community groups is the best way of addressing social ills and deprivations, which LCF is ideally placed to do. London, perhaps more than most cities, as well as being one city, is also an agglomeration of local communities. In London, where you come from has a name: Hackney, Hammersmith or Brixton for instance: communities within these “villages” have an identity. Local community groups are in touch with local residents in a much better way than national organisations, and should be -- and are -- able best to address local needs.

What is special about London?

There is simply no other city in the world that is as richly international and multi-cultural, and with such an immense and rich depth of history, as London – and I’ve lived and worked in quite a few! All who live and visit London, and thereby benefit from its vibrant life and what it gives, should wish not just to preserve London for its richness, but also to make it a still better place through reaching out to those in London communities in need of help and encouragement.

What do you hope to personally gain from the experience?

There are many things I hope personally to gain from the experience, some of the main reasons include: having a better understanding of aspects of life in London, the chance to play a part in improving life in London for all and, ultimately, an opportunity to give something back to the City that I love.


Published on 15 November 2017

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