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A further £2 million given out to Grenfell Tower survivors


It has been announced today that a further £2m through our Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund will be made available to Grenfell Tower survivors.

To date, surviving families have each received £12,000 from the fund, and this further £13,000 will take the total paid to each family to £25,000.

This means £5.2 million of the £6.2 raised through the ESDF appeal has been allocated, with £4 million directly to survivors and £1.2 million to the London Emergencies Trust for payments to next of kin and the injured as part of a joint initiative managed by the Charity Commission.

As before, these payments will be distributed by two local community groups, Rugby Portobello Trust and the National Zakat Foundation. Mark Simms, chief executive of RPT, reiterated that families would not need to physically present themselves to receive payment. “Together with Zakat, we have most of the families’ bank details. We will contact each family about the grant and arrange to effect a bank transfer. As with the previous Dispossessed payments, we are going to make this as safe and easy as possible.”

We continue to work in partnership with the Charity Commission and the survivors through Grenfell United to make sure we take into account all of their needs.

Published on 15 August 2017

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