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The Estate We're In

We are delighted to be working with the London Evening Standard on the next phase of the Dispossessed Fund, launched earlier this month.

The programme initially focussed on projects benefitting residents on a specific estate - Angell Town in Brixton: a pilot version of what was to become a London-wide programme, with funding now available across all 33 boroughs. Funding will be focussed on supporting community led projects that are working to improve the lives of residents on estates across the capital.

As part of a special investigation to gain a deeper insight into what life is like living on an estate in London, David Cohen from the Evening Standard stayed in the Angell Town estate, to learn more about the local community and the existing work that residents are undertaking in order to improve their neighbourhoods. Read more about his experience here.

Following this, the Standard decided to take action, using their Dispossessed Fund at The London Community Foundation to alleviate an area of need, whilst also raising awareness of the positive potential of London’s housing estates, which are home to 20% of Londoners.

The Evening Standard’s campaign has since drawn investment from additional funders.  Citi have generously backed the initiative with funding and other support, such as assisting funded projects with business skills.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with the Evening Standard and the London Community Foundation to invest in the future of the Angell Town estate and estates across London. Having spent time with the residents of the Angell Town Estate, I have been struck by the shared passion and commitment to create change, and the determination to build an alternative future for themselves and particularly their young people.”

Rachael Barber, Head of Communities at Citi. Read her blog post here.

Together with the Dispossessed Fund and Lambeth Council, Citi have helped secure a total of £250,000 for Angell Town. The London wide programme is funded by Citi, the Dispossessed Fund, Linklaters, Mount Anvil and Office for Civil Society and will deliver over £1 million of grants into estate based projects across the capital.

Click here to learn more about the funding available as part of the Estates Programme.

Published on 26 October 2015

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