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Ebony Horse Club hits the headlines

The Pedroscope
The Pedroscope
The London Community Foundation has supported Ebony Horse Club several times over recent years, it is a small but rather ambitious project that raises aspirations and knocks down stereotypes through introducing disadvantaged young people to horses and riding. They work with local schools, two attended by students with special educational needs and many of the majority of their members have never had access to horses or horse riding before. They have nine horses stabled in a small park in Coldharbour Ward, one of the most deprived areas in the country. 180 children and young people attend the centre every week and the difference it makes to their lives is extraordinary.
Their latest arrival, Pedro, a Shetland pony has recently been gathering headlines all around the globe. Pedro had a problem, he was too small to see over his stable door! So Ebony got their members involved in a fund raising project over the half term holiday to try and solve his problem. The children came up with a range of ideas from fitting Pedro out in high heels to attaching him to a hot air balloon. However in the end they came up with the "Pedroscope", a custom built peroscope that allows him to see what is going on in the outside world! His story has been picked up from Brixton to New Zealand and Ebony hope that they will be able to raise enough funds to build him a mini sized stable. 
You can read just one of the stories about Pedro here or watch this video to learn more about how the members came up with the idea. 

Published on 23 February 2015

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