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£49bn could be donated annually by businesses

After the Rich List in the Sunday Times, and the Happy List in the Independent on Sunday, UKCF have announced the Enrich List, a tribute to the 900 successful UK-based businesses that give through community foundations to support local causes. They have calculated that £49 billion annually could be given to support communities across the UK, if all businesses gave the average corporate donation of £10,000.

Community foundations could then grow this pot by at least ten per cent, to £55 billion every year, through their economies of scale. If this was distributed through the UKCF network it would mean that:

·         Every NEET could be trained and employed by social enterprises set up with donations from businesses

·         Every young carer in the UK could be given a week’s break, including activities

·         All one million isolated elderly people in the UK could be given access to local community and support groups

·         Every person with a disability could be supported by community groups that provide tailored support


Find out how your company can support the local community in Londen here. 

Find out more about the Enrich List on the UKCF website. 

Read UKCF CEO, Stephen Hammersley's perspective on the Enrich List here

Published on 03 June 2014

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