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Surviving Winter wins top PR award

Here’s some good news to beat the Monday blues. Last week at the Hedgehog PR awards, UKCF, our umbrella network, and Linstock Communications, our partner PR company, won the Best Not-For-Profit Campaign of the Year award for Surviving Winter! What did we win? A lovely glass hedgehog.

Linstock saw off competition from seven other campaigns, featuring the work of agencies such as Kindred and GolinHarris. But the judges warmed to Surviving Winter thanks to its prevalence in both national and local media. In London, we secured coverage in the Bromley Times, the South London Times, the News Shopper, the Yellow Newsletter series across three boroughs and the Evening Standard. Nationally, the Surviving Winter campaign secured coverage in the Times and the Independent.

We’re thrilled to say that this year we have given over three times as many grants to older people as last year. So for everyone who has already donated, a huge thank you for helping the campaign go from strength to strength.  We have awarded three times as many grants to older people as last year’s campaign. If you have not already donated and want to support an award winning campaign, visit our Surviving Winter page to donate online. And with the coldest March weekend in 50 years, our grants to older people continue to bring much needed relief.

Published on 25 March 2013

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