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Lambeth Giving Fund Launch

Lambeth Giving launch
Lambeth Giving launch

We were delighted to have Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, officially launch new initiative, the Lambeth Giving Fund yesterday at Lambeth Palace.

Lambeth Giving Fund is a new and simple way to support the work of dedicated and inspiring local charities and community projects, which really make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in the borough. 

Donations to the Lambeth Giving Fund will go towards six local charities working to provide opportunities for young people at risk, a chance to thrive for people with mental health and a better quality of life for elderly people. They include the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton that helps disadvantaged young people through riding, Stockwell Good Neighbours, a club which provides a vital meeting place for older people, and Mosaic Clubhouse that gives people with severe mental ill health vital work skills.

In his speech formally launching the Fund, Dr Rowan Williams said:  
 “The three focal points of the charities that are involved here are absolutely crucial in our life in this city and in this neighbourhood at the moment. They are about dealing with young people’s aspirations, they’re about challenging the stigmatising and isolating of people with mental health challenges, and they’re about keeping older citizens fully integrated into the community and securing a real quality of life for them. All of these things are so vital for a good working society at large and a good working neighbourhood. That’s why I’m so enthused that these are the three focal points.”

“I’m very pleased indeed that Lambeth Palace has been able to open its doors this morning, to welcome you here and to assure you of our prayer and whole hearted support, for what you’re doing in the wider community.“

The Mayor of Lambeth, Clive Bennett, and Chief Executive, Derrick Anderson were also present at the launch, as were the three Councillors who founded the initiative, Sally Prentice, Peter Truesdale and Julia Memery.

Sally Prentice, Councillor for Ferndale Ward commented:  “The Archbishop of Canterbury’s support for the launch of the Lambeth Giving Fund is very special and hugely appreciated by everyone involved.  I hope that many Lambeth residents will feel inspired to make a contribution to their community by donating to the Lambeth Giving Fund on a regular basis.”

For further information on Lambeth Giving Fund, and to donate, please visit

Published on 05 October 2012

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