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Let's do it for London!

Virgin London Marathon 2012
Virgin London Marathon 2012

Good Morning Londoners!

We have just a few places left for the Virgin London Marathon 2013. This year, a phenomenal £52.8 million was raised by the charities participating in the marathon, it was entered in to the Guinness World Records book for the highest single charity fundraising amount raised at a single charity event and more celebrities than ever before took part to raise money for their favorite charity! It was an amazing achievement on so many levels.

We can make next year even better.

If you Love London and want to run the Virgin London Marathon 2013 then apply for a place to run for us! We have been working for 15 years in what we believe is the best city in the world and we are dedicated to making it an even more fair and equal place to live, work and dream in! Please help us in our efforts- Run London for London.

Email me or call 0207 582 5117 if you would like any more information.

Published on 14 September 2012

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