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The Broom Army - thanks to Andrew Bayles (@lawcol888) for image
The Broom Army - thanks to Andrew Bayles (@lawcol888) for image

More than £130,000 raised to support those affected by the London riots.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the “We Love London” appeal, which supported those affected in the London riots.

Our first grant was made to a couple in Tottenham who lost their home in the fire above the Carpet Right store. Upon receiving the grant Mr Bowen commented:

“Your help is very much appreciated, and was really needed. Nothing could be salvaged, all of our possessions have gone, but now we will at least be able to buy some clothes and shoes.” Ken Bowen

The “We Love London” appeal enabled us to make grants to help those in need begin the difficult process of rebuilding their lives, through purchasing basic essentials such as clothes, shoes and beds. A recent grant recipient shared her story:

“We bought our flat in 2002 and it was our first home. We worked really hard for it. We literally left the flat while it was burning. We lost everything, all our possessions, all our memory articles, videos of our babies, a plant my husband had bought 15 years ago on our first wedding anniversary because he had only a pound in his pocket at the time... our wedding photos, other photos, documents etc... but most of all our home, where we felt safe. We have lost our safe haven. My children have lost their home. My daughter has nightmares. I was struggling and fighting before all this happened, to have this on top is indescribable. Thank you all so much, it’s a big relief to get some help to buy the children beds. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s kindness.” Anonymous

With the support of the Daily Express newspaper, the We Love London appeal raised over £130,000. We worked with local authority representatives, Councillors, MP’s and social services to support those most in need. The worst hit areas were Croyden and Tottenham: between them, over 100 families were made homeless.

What next for We Love London?

New research into the causes of the late-Summer riots suggests that the unrest will be repeated. Here at The London Community Foundation we want to support local communities to help address the tensions and challenges that underpin the turmoil on the streets. But we will only be able to do this with help. Watch this space to see how you can show that you “Love London”.




Published on 01 December 2011

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